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Our Mission

Our mission has always had one objective in mind – provide a caring and creative environment that will nurture young minds, and allow education to flourish. By implementing Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy, curriculum, and methods, we cultivate each child’s spirit, creativity, natural curiosity and intellect.


Our Philosophy

At Mountain View, we have a distinct philosophy on education that we implement in our teaching. By utilizing a multi-age classroom, as well as hands-on activities and demonstrations, we help our students become independent, self-driven learners.


Our Staff

Our staff members come from a variety of different backgrounds and walks of life. One thing they all share, however, is a passion for education and a love of teaching. In addition to our daily staff, we also have several supplemental instructors who provide teaching in fields such as music and physical education.

A Morning at
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Authentic Montessori Schooling

Although books and videos may do an adequate job of giving children information on certain subjects, there is nothing that compares to actually handling the subject matter on which they are being taught, firsthand. With that in mind, we provide hands on experience through a variety of works from Practical Life to Cultural Unit of Studies. The children work purposefully and contentedly in their environment. By exposing children to tangible and real life aspects of their studies, we spark in them inspiration and the motivation to learn.


Innovative Schooling

Public schooling has increasingly become more impersonal. At Mountain View, we have low teacher to student ratios that allows our teachers to observe and follow the needs of the child. With Montessori schooling, students become prepared for a traditional public school setting because there is emphasizes on creativity, self-reliance, and individual growth. We believe in fostering the individual child so they can grow into a well-rounded person.


Albuquerque Montessori

Albuquerque is a unique city, with a rich community of residents. With its mix of diverse people, art, and culture, we have access to a wealth of different experiences. In having such a terrific community in which to operate our school, it would be a waste not to expose our students to the many great aspects of Albuquerque life. That’s why we make sure to bring in different members of the community to talk with our students, as well as taking field trips throughout our city.

Event Calendar

At Mountain View Montessori, we have a number of different events which we host throughout the year. From parent teacher conferences, to our cultural celebrations, to graduation, you can find them all on our calendar. We welcome you to browse through our calendar so you can learn when all our exciting events are taking place at Mountain View Montessori!

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